Who is Seals Custom Fabrication?

Welcome to the Seals Custom Fab blog!! I thought I would take a moment and tell everyone what we are all about, what you might find here, and what sets our little shop apart from others you might find. In a world of you tube and video blogs, I still find myself drawn more to writing my thoughts down over being on camera. I also hope to use this space to highlight some of the incredible things our customers are doing, as well as the incredibly talented welders we have working in the shop.

I started Seals Custom Fabrication out of my garage in 2022. After building weight lifting equipment for a friend, I was asked by a military buddy to build an auxiliary fuel cell for his motorcycle. Before we had that tank finished, the requests for more started coming in. After a year and a half, things had grown exponentially. It was then my friend approached me and encouraged me to take my operation full time. He might tell you he had to drag me kicking and screaming, but thankfully he never gave up. Six weeks later, we opened the doors on our current space.

My goal is to build a shop based on quality products, support new welders in honing their skills and gaining experience, and provide easier access to those wanting to learn these skills at home. I have a passion for teaching, and have had the opportunity to help train some of the finest welders I have ever known. I am in a unique position to help these amazing men and women establish themselves in the industry. SCF is proud to help provide a gateway for them to continue honing their skills in the shop environment. One of these students, on graduating, will be our shop foreman.

I hope you will keep checking in here to see what we are doing. Each week I will try and share fabrication techniques, stories from customers galivanting the world on their motorcycles, and my thoughts on starting and running my own business. Stay tuned, share your comments, and maybe check out our online store to grab a hat or t-shirt to help support us!


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