The Whole Story

Ben Ernst and I served together in the United States Air Force. We were stationed in a nice little corner of Germany at Spangdahlem Air Base.

Ben was the President of the local chapter of the Green Knights Motorcycle Club when I came on as the Treasurer. We shared some epic rides, and I started to learn just how capable my old Goldwing actually was.

Ben has been riding motorcycles as far back as he can remember, starting on an old Honda Trail 70. He has been riding on the road now for over 20 years, and a staggering 500k+ miles. In 2020, he stepped into the world of long distance events (officially, he made a pretty legendary lunch run to Bavaria for Oktoberfest once). He has competed in the Iron Butt Rally twice — in 2021 and 2023. He placed 2nd and 7th respectively. Some of his other accomplishments are listed to the right.

Ben was also “customer number 1” for the SCF fuel tank business. He was instrumental in helping with the design and ran the very first prototype tank. His trust and input was invaluable in creating the BMW “wedge” tank that got the ball rolling.




“This aux tank is exactly what I had in mind for several years. I just needed the expertise to make it a reality!  The functionality with the cargo plates makes this setup unlike any other I’ve seen in the Long Distance Community.  Stout construction and good looks too!  I’ve got about 50k miles on the tank so far with zero issues.” 



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